May 21-23, 2019 - Anaheim, CA

Rob Clifton

Rob Clifton

Digital Engineering Manager - Asite


As Digital Engineering Manager at Asite, my key goal is to improve the efficiency, productivity and outcomes for our clients across the AEC industry.

Following a masters degree in Civil Engineering and 2 years implementing the Asite platform globally, I now work with a number of leading organisations driving at the very fore-front of the digital revolution. As a technologist working within the construction industry, the biggest challenge is emphasizing the importance of digitization and the investment required to improve. The introduction of many existing technologies and standards would do a lot to improve the productivity of an industry that has struggled to keep to the pace of change seen in many other sectors.

Having worked with a leading contractor in the UK, and following experience taken throughout my degree, I have seen the approach to projects through the view of different parties. This has facilitated an improved understanding of the overriding processes that exists and through experience implementing a vast range of projects, a resultant ability to streamline those processes.

The growth of BIM has been a focal point of my approach to digital engineering. The momentum of change through use of the word alone, has also led to rather a lot of confusion around how to actually best introduce it to a business. With such a vast array of approaches and the consequent different meanings for the acronym, digital engineering is about steering companies in the right direction. My role is to manage that and the success we have thus far across different businesses is evidence of the value in our offering.

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