May 21-23, 2019 - Anaheim, CA

Kirke Chamblee

Kirke Chamblee

BIM/VDC Specialist - Yates Construction


Kirke Chamblee is a BIM/VDC Specialist for Yates Construction and is involved with both Marketing and Project Coordination. She organizes the virtual components of major presentation for all the Yates Companies, this involves model collection, model creation, model enhancement, VR experiences, 4D simulations, AR interaction, and video summaries for marketing to be utilized for presentations and proposals. She also coordinates multiple BIM projects, where she is responsible for managing and implementing the project’s models. She is a graduate of Mississippi State University School of Architecture, Art and Design with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. Outside of work, Kirke is very involved in community service, such as being a member of The Junior League of Jackson, serving as President Elect for The Delta Gamma Jackson Alumnae Chapter Board, and helping organize community fundraisers.

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