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Gary Bullock

Gary Bullock

Chief Systems Engineer - Emerging Technology Ventures, Inc.


Adjunct Professor
01/2014 – Present, Indiana State University, Aviation Department, Terre Haute, IN
 Develop Unmanned Systems course goals, learning objectives, learning assessment and teaching methods
 Introduce Systems Engineering concepts, including the Systems Engineering lifecycle, requirements analysis, system architecture and design, modeling and simulation and systems implementation, test and evaluation
 Conduct classroom lectures, discussions, and individual/class projects
 Develop strategies for ISU Center of Excellence for Unmanned Systems and Human Capital Development

Chief Technologist
06/2013 – Present, Wherewithal University Professional Solutions, LLC, Terre Haute, IN
 Provide business and technical consulting services for research and development efforts, manufacturing/assembly enterprises, academia, and commercial clients.
 Design and implement technology development and transition strategies, including assessment and benchmarking.
 Develop an integrated multi-domain strategy for interoperable, collaborative air/ground unmanned systems for the built environment.
 Provide business support and resources as well as mentoring, networking, and training opportunities.

Chief Systems Engineer
07/2014 – Present, Emerging Technology Ventures, LLC, Alamagordo, NM
 Provide Systems Engineering solutions for unmanned systems research and development, engineering, test and evaluation.
 Provide project management, leadership, coordinate team and individual efforts, and develop positive relationships with clients.
 Provide strategic thinking and thought leadership for technology innovation and roadmapping.
 Develop governance and policy
Project Manager
02/2006 – 06/2013, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, IN
 Manage and conduct unmanned and autonomous systems Systems Engineering efforts.
 Develop/ integrate unmanned and autonomous systems payloads and sensors across multiple domains.
 Develop and conduct test and evaluation efforts for unmanned systems capabilities across multiple domains.
 Develop / monitor acquisition strategies, activities and processes.
 Research and Development in Cognitive Systems and Autonomous Behaviors.
 Principle Investigator “Experimentation, Exploration and Manipulation of Cognitive/Autonomous Systems
 Subject Matter Expert for Science &Technology (S&T) Micro Grant: “Object Recognition for Stereotype Learning in Human-Robot Interaction.”
 Develop integrated Command and Control architectures for collaborative autonomous systems.
 Develop requirements, analysis, and evaluation methodologies for academic and industry Research and Development activities for development of new technologies in robotics and autonomous/cognitive systems.
 NAVSEA Science and Technology Objective Working Group 12-17 Unmanned Systems Capability; developed S&T objectives to extend fleet ISR capabilities & act as force multipliers a) Advance autonomy objectives to allow UxS to be environmentally adaptive and adjust to changing and unexpected conditions, autonomously make decisions to implement the mission and "Commander's Intent" within the Rules of Engagement

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