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Elbert Speidel

Elbert Speidel

Faculty - CalPoly


Elbert Speidel, an architect, innovator and collaborator in the international building industry for more than 40 years, was named the 2008 recipient of the George Hasslein Endowed Chair at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Continuing in that position, he serves as a lecturer and mentor to students and promotes collaboration and integration within all five of the College of Architecture and Environment Design (CAED) Departments.
Speidel brings to the position his extensive knowledge and practical experience in engineering and applied research and development in addition to his award-winning reputation for creativity in the selection and use of advanced materials and technology in the fields if design and construction. Using his wide-ranging background in tandem with his love of teaching and mentoring, Speidel relishes this opportunity to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships among the CAED departments and industry professionals.
In addition to his normal teaching load, Speidel teaches an Integrated Project Group (IPG) class with Professor Tom Fowler in Architecture. The class organizes teams of students to work on actual projects within the community. He also has taught an Integrated Project Delivery class in collaboration with Professor Margot McDonald in Architecture. His class on the principles of polymers in construction involves all five CAED departments.
Speidel has become a leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) expert and has worked tirelessly to bring his expertise into the curriculum, both through his teaching and through his course development. He participates in numerous BIM national forums and competitions. As Cal Poly’s BIM team coach, Speidel set the standard for other universities with the Cal Poly team achieving the most wins (7) of any of the 42 participating universities.

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