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SPAR – High Definition Scanning & Alternatives – Energy & Power Applications

Jun 03 2020
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

SPAR – High Definition Scanning & Alternatives – Energy & Power Applications

Track Name: Wednesday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Session Date: Jun 3 2020 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Let's look at the big picture! There is a better way, Laser scanning for Asbuilt

By using laser scanning technology, documented into a 3D CAD model, creating an accurate below ground record of the facility. Using the 3D laser scanner technology, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. and an Oil & Gas, Utility, and Energy business created a 3D CAD model which showed the details of the surrounding foundations, equipment, and above/below ground piping. Now, creating a permanent record (Asbuilt), which can be used for asset management and future design work on a facility. We will show how this approach makes Asbuilt documentation more accurate and cost effective.



Equitrans Midstream Corp

3D Reality capture, Machine Learning and AI: Advancing the Oil and Gas industry by leaps and bounds

Kleinfelder is a full-service EPC company working in various sectors including Oil and Gas that has partnered with FARO the worldwide leader in 3D measuring devices to develop an advanced data collection workflow for our designers and engineers. Having our team trained and equipped to capture high levels of detail and data in a short period of time has allowed us to improve our workflows as an engineering provider to include innovative solutions to problems that were not previously possible or thought of. We will show examples of how 3D scanning in conjunction with the experience and wisdom of our engineering and designers unlocks new solutions never before thought possible and as we explore different ways to harness the data we collect utilizing new tools within machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve problems of the past and bring the oil and gas sector into the future. Using reality capture (3D scanning) to enhance engineering design, construction planning, project management, and collaboration with clients and owners. We will show examples of how we are using 3D scanning as a tool to enhance the way we complete brownfield engineering. Comparing the old way of data capture (tape measures and sketch pads) to the new way of data capture through 3D scanning. The time and cost savings as well as the better accuracy of deliverables to our projects. Also, how 3D scanning improves the engineering process and safety for each of our projects. As early adopters of the technology learn how data is captured quickly and efficiently onsite and learn how current challenges are being overcome in the Oil and Gas markets to drive this technology towards widespread adoption. This will include showing live videos of past projects where we explore the details of how the data was captured, utilized within fundamentals of engineering while also exploring ways machine learning and artificial intelligence can take this data and improve workflows and costs to the industry. For many customers, having a quicker automated solution can not only save valuable time and money but also allow access to potentially hazardous areas, allow for easier ways to share information and maintain asset management of their facilities utilizing cloud based solutions. This data capture process can work over a wide variety of market segments and continue to push the limits of 3D reality capture and what that data can be used for.


Mark Franklin


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