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SPAR – Fundamentals of 3D Tech: Get Up To Speed – Choosing the Right 3D Capture Tools for Your Project

Jun 03 2020
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

SPAR – Fundamentals of 3D Tech: Get Up To Speed – Choosing the Right 3D Capture Tools for Your Project

Track Name: Wednesday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Session Date: Jun 3 2020 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

LIDAR for railway high frequency survey in SNCF RESEAU. How and why?

SNCF RÉSEAU is the french railway infrastructure manager. We recently equipped our 3 existing track survey trains with 3 heads LIDAR systems. It gives us the capacity to do continuous measurements of all our network (approximately 28000km of tracks) every 3months. The goal is to make our maintenance more efficient, bringing fresh survey data to our design projects, and having a direct knowledge of the state of our Network. Through this presentation we will explain you the details of the survey system, the processing chain, how we manage such big data volumes, and the way we put it at the service of all the company and our partners.


Franck Richard


The 3D Reality of Network Wide Roadway Management

Mobile LiDAR - The 3D Reality of Network Wide Roadway Management Maintaining state and local roadway systems face many challenges most of which ultimately revolve around fiscal budgets, project budges and other budgetary constraints. Mobile LiDAR allows for fast analysis of the surrounding roadways and associated infrastructure. This data can then be used for the lifecycle of the roadway network. This presentation will focus on the reality of how mobile LiDAR is playing a key role in the planning, design, construction and maintenance phases of the project life. Key points will cover: 1. Master Route Planning - GIS-based first step planning. 2. Roadway Condition Documentation - Mobile LiDAR point clouds, 360 imagery and georeferenced 360-degree videos. 3. Roadway Evaluation and Analysis - Utilizing collected data to determine roadway condition and any limitations such as utility crossing heights, obstructions, width restrictions, etc. 4. Base Mapping - Point cloud data used for roadway improvement design. 5. Pre-Construction, During Construction, and Post-Construction Documentation - Capturing conditions as they exist at critical times throughout the life of the project. 6. Additional Uses of Mobile LiDAR Data - Asset management, slide/slip monitoring, line of sight for Highway Occupancy Permitting, sign inventories, tree/brush trimming planning, pavement condition inspections, virtual flythrough, corridor modeling, and more. Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, a multi-discipline civil engineering firm with 9 locations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, has been providing the natural gas Industry with roadway and infrastructure engineering services since 2010. Stahl Sheaffer has a fleet of mobile LiDAR and imaging units as well as traditional surveying and UAV/UAS services.


Timothy Kinder

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, LLC

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