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SPAR – Digital Twins and Smart Cities – Planning for the Digital Twin

Jun 05 2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

SPAR – Digital Twins and Smart Cities – Planning for the Digital Twin

Track Name: Friday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Session Date: Jun 5 2020 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Forensic Analysis Using 3D Digital Twin and Digital Thread for Small UAS

Large drone fleets provide highly valuable data yet are costly to maintain. Drone data comes in many different formats including telemetry logs, geo images, video files, LiDAR surveys, and UTM services. Diagnosing performance and tracing failure of drone fleet operations will become drastically challenging as the fleet size grows. An unmanned aircraft system (UAS) as a whole and each individual component have their lifecycles. The development and operations of the UAS platform usually starts from a mission requirement and goes towards its operations, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and retirement. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems have been successfully used in developing and operating complex products such as manned aircrafts and automobiles, but the best practice has not been fully established for small UAS. In this talk, we will discuss an enterprise-scale architecture for drone fleet management by fusing technologies related to PLM, Internet of Things (IoT), and unmanned systems. A UAS can be seen as a flying smart system that can be projected into a hyper-three-dimensional space: the Physical dimension, the Analytical dimension, and the lifecycle Time dimension. We demonstrate how to utilize Digital Twin and Digital Thread technologies along with the PLM data platform to track, trace, and analyze the UAS mission data over its entire lifecycle. We highlight three values when applying these technologies: (1) Reducing data redundancy and maintaining data integrity by automating the flight logs processing for a variety of commercial drones. This process involves data recognition, extraction, transformation, normalization, and anomaly detection by selecting appropriate algorithms, pre-trained analytics models, and UAS-specific knowledge models. (2) Gaining insights from lifecycle data through digital twins and geospatial-temporal data visualization. We combine the data processing pipeline with 3D geospatial engine for time-dynamic data streaming, simulation, and visualization. The module ingests 3D CAD model of the drone and its payload, the flight telemetry data, the event recordings, the airspace advisory data, the photogrammetry model or BIM model to visually recreate the mission scene and simulate/replay the mission to support mission validation, path deviation analysis, accident investigation, and mechanical glitch detection. (3) Tracing and tracking data through the lifecycle digital thread. With all data and activities being properly logged, connected, and versioned, the UAS platform, operational, and human factors can be tracked and traced back and forth from any given item. The versioning and configuration management capability of PLM also allows tracking the impacts caused by the change of individual part, such as alternative parts from different vendors, software and firmware update, as well as UAS platform reconfiguration for different missions.


Yunpeng Li

UsPLM, Inc.

Autonomous Aerial Mapping in Complex Underground & Indoor Environments

Mining and construction companies have been searching for effective ways to create digital twins of their projects and to quickly map and catalogue their assets. Mapping in such environments can be dangerous and costly. Furthermore, 3D Lidar Mapping in unstructured and GPS denied areas poses significant technological challenges. Without a GPS signal or pre-established reference points, it is difficult to geo-reference 3D Lidar data into one cohesive point cloud. Considerations must also be made for physically moving the Lidar sensor around the environment to create the scan to cover a large area. Exyn Technologies and Paracosm have joined forces to provide a breakthrough autonomous drone solution for underground and indoor mapping. The solution utilizes collection of sensors including a 3D Lidar mounted on board a drone to be able to sense the environment and generate a map in real-time to allow autonomous flight. The system does not require a prior map or any external sensors, compute or infrastructure to be able to do this. The platform can fly in a new environment at the push of a button without the need for an expert pilot. Raw lidar data collected by Exyn's platform is pushed through Paracosm's post-processing software in order to create accurate georeferenced maps and identify areas of interest. The data is converted into common file types and can be integrated into other workflows such as mine planning software and Building Information Management (BIM) programs. These autonomous aerial mapping platforms have been successfully fielded in the underground gold mines of Dundee Precious Metals. They are used as part of the surveying workflow to generate high-resolution maps that inform the mine planning process. The 3D maps are used for volume calculations, shape measurements after a blast and change detection. Moreover, this technology enables maps to be created in areas which are too dangerous for humans to enter, creating visualizations of areas that cannot be visualized by any other products available in the market. This opens up opportunities to better optimize mining operations and utilize resources where this was not possible before. See an example use case video here: https://youtu.be/Z5eMSbECf3Q Our priority is to have a representative from Dundee Precious Metals to present example use cases of the system. Otherwise, Amir and Denise will present and answer any questions about the case studies and the systems involved.


Denise Wong

Exyn Technologies

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