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Round Table Meet-Ups & Happy Hour

May 23 2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Recharge Lounge, Exhibit Floor

Round Table Meet-Ups & Happy Hour

Still have unanswered questions? Grab a beer, share ideas, obtain advice for specific questions and challenges, and exchange business cards for post-conference communication. Meet Ups are in the Recharge Lounge on the Exhibit Floor. Check out the topics below!

1. Failure Therapy: Stories from the Field
Discussion Leaders: William Emison, Chair, AEC Next

Bring your stories of lessons learned and share some laughs…tales reinforcing the importance of “measure twice, cut once”, how you rebounded from a project failure, technical oversight, or just a dumb mistake! Do you have tips & tricks to share for hardware or software bugaboos that might help someone in the group? What or who was your inspiration or motivation? What did you learn in the process? The conversation can go any number of ways, and is sure to be fun and instructional.

2. Still Have a Challenge to Solve? Try this Table
Discussion Leaders:
Kourosh Langari, Caltrans
Douglas Pritchard, Lecturer – Advanced Academic Program, Johns Hopkins University

If you came to the Expo with a particular challenge to solve and haven’t yet found a path to the solution, come to this table and a few veteran technologists can offer suggestions. This is also a unique opportunity to exchange business cards with industry experts.

3. Recruiting the Workforce of the Future
Discussion Leaders:
–Peggy Smedley, Connected World and Constructech
–Jeremiah Karpowicz, SPARView and Commercial UAV News

What are the skills and qualities you seek in new recruits? And where do you seek talent: universities, trade schools, local meet-ups, other sources? Are educational institutions today meeting the needs of the workforce? And on the employer side: what appeals most to new recruits: work environment, exciting new technologies, autonomy and flexible work schedules? This will be a lively discussion!

4. Managing Information Overload & Staying On Top of Tech Developments
Discussion Leaders:
–Greg Hale, Hale Technologies
–John Monell, Barron & Associates

Information overload is a challenge for everyone at this Expo; in addition to meeting your goals and deadlines you need to keep up with newest technology. Share with colleagues the blog, magazines, podcasts, websites and events are worth prioritizing. Participants are also encouraged to bring best practices for staying on top of the constant information deluge. Here’s one question: is Slack just another information stream, or a valuable productivity tool? Discuss!

Track Name: AEC/SPAR
Session Date: May 23 2019 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
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