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AEC – Innovations – Advanced AEC Visualization

Jun 03 2020
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

AEC – Innovations – Advanced AEC Visualization

Track Name: Wednesday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Session Date: Jun 3 2020 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Augmented Reality Applications in AEC

It has been a couple of year since augmented reality goggles or phone/tablet devices have been introduced into the market. Of course, there are many applications of using AR technology in AEC. With growing building information modeling and 3D CAD data that is available on most of construction project, it has been a challenge how to visualize the design model at the jobsite or how to find clash/conflict between the new design to existing condition for brown-field project. Having 2D drawing or even 3D models in PC software do not allow construction workers to have a good vision of interaction of design to the real jobsite. Augmented reality devices allow field staff to be able to visualize the BIM models in an immersive way mixed to real condition of jobsite. Having this capability, it allows building owner, general contractors, and trade contractors to make better decision for planning purposes. It allows MEP contractors to install faster and more accurate. It has been challenging for general contractors to be able to visualize the progress of the project. Now using augmented reality technology, they are able to overlay coordinate model to field to create progress tracking report and stay on schedule. Finding clash/conflict of new design Vs. existing condition has been another big challenge. Laser scanning and modeling has been introduced over the past year to market to address that. But it is very time and money consuming to get the result with that. Augmented reality technology allows VDC/BIM team to align their model to field and find issues and conflict simply in the goggle or tablets. It saves hours of work and they get the same result. We have success stories and case studies for many clients to show you how they leverage AR technology to get the maximum cost/time saving.


Eldon Parry

Apollo Mechanical

Saeed Eslami

Visual Live 3D, LLC

David Stone

HITT Contracting Inc.

Do Judge a Building by Its Models

In AEC industry, there is a new trend of saying "No" to PDF shop drawing, instead utilizing design/fabrication model as part of formal design review. It has quickly gained popularity due to its fast turnover with great accuracy, and thus has transferred the way how people think about the design review. A federated model will be built by incorporating architectural design model, the structural design model, the trade fabrication model, and possibly other models such as joist or precast. All the elements will be laid out in the model, so all stakeholder can gather together to perform design review in real-time and providing comments, which offers multiple benefits including eliminate issues of revising and resubmitting, reducing RFI's and the transfer of large files back and forth. Furthermore, the computer-based model design review can be combined with VR/AR to provide a more immerse experience. In this presentation, we will discuss the process of conducting model-based design review and how to embed VR/AR in the process. And unavoidable, every new workflow possesses pros and cons in its practicality, so this will be served as basis for discussion as well.


Mixed Reality for Design Reviews

As the integration of multi-realities continues to mature, the infrastructure industry is leaning on this technology to improve the design process. The use of AR/VR for complex design projects can expose and reduce potential design flaws as well as convey difficult to comprehend design concepts to stakeholders. This presentation will highlight a few project case studies from significant transportation projects leveraging mixed reality for many benefits.


It's Not Just For The Big Firms! Design & Construction Validation & Mock-Ups in VR

Design and construction validation using full size immersion allows the first way to actually get a sense of a project and test systems without having a full-size mock-up built IRL. Yes, money can be saved at great value but some more important benefits are also had in employing a Virtual Practice; Better Work. Designers (A, E, MEP, Etc.), Contractors (GC and Subs), can all cut time to completion, as well as abate issues even more efficiently that in long-standing 'clash detection" systems. We will cover creating scalable "Realities" based process that can be immediately implemented at your firm: Hardware & Software to Modeling for VR workflows and tips.


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