May 21-23, 2019 - Anaheim, CA

AEC Next Conference Program

The AEC Next Technology Expo + Conference highlights commercial / industrial applications of technologies supporting the architecture, engineering, and construction communities. The AEC Next conference schedule features project-centric, solutions-oriented presentations from AEC industry professionals, which provides conference attendees with an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and how they are being applied to solve critical business challenges.  
The 2019 program will include topics such as:
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Building Performance/Energy Efficiency, 
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Approaches
  • BIM Integrations
  • Data Visualization – Virtual Reality
  • Construction Management Technologies
Day 1
May 21 2019
Day 2
May 22 2019
Day 3
May 23 2019

AEC Project Case Studies

  • Turner Mining Group Improves Operational Efficiencies with Drone Solutions
  • Site Management with Augmented Reality Technology (S.M.A.R.T)
  • Technology Case Study: Achieve Streamlined Estimating, Budget Maintenance and Forecasting While Eliminating Communication Failures
Robb Steffes
Megan Siefker
Monica Sosa
Lauren Elmore
Thomas Haun


  • Information Fusion...Harnessing the "I" for Lifecycle Data Manipulation
  • A Complete Toolkit for Sustainable Design
Brent Mauti
Ashley Mulhall

Data Visualization / VR Applications

  • Emerging Uses for Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Advancing Point Clouds for VR and Beyond
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality – Innovation Beyond Design
  • 3D Scans/Point cloud Accessibility - Web access, collaboration and VR
Jeff Siegel
Nate Soulje
Thomas Freed
Mario Laflamme

Building Performance

  • Getting to Zero Energy with Structural Insulated Panels: The Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center
  • Building Stronger and Greener with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
Jack Armstrong
Brian von Allworden

Smart Cities

  • Integrated Energy and Microgrids
  • Smart Cities, Factories, and Security Systems: LiDAR Applications Beyond Self-Driving Cars
  • A Placemaking Approach to Design
Michael Roppelt
Louay Eldada
Rubina Siddiqui

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Approaches

  • Enhanced Life and Safety through Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence For MEP Engineering
  • Increasing BIM Effectiveness with Artificial Intelligence
  • Utilizing artificial Intelligence in Construction Planning and Scheduling
Meghana Joshi
Gregory Schnackel
Pieter Clarysse
Rene Morkos
Tjerk Gauderis

Facilities Management

  • Incorporating BIM into Lifecycle Management
  • From Design Coordination to Building Turn-over: BIM 360 Build Helps Connect the Dots
  • Mobile Technology: It’s Driving the Transformation to Modern Facility Management
Chitwan Saluja
Matthew Hoff
David Trask

Historic Preservation

  • The Taliesin West Data Capture- A tale of Exploring New Technology in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Desert Laboratory
  • Creating Digital Twin for Sydney Opera House
  • How Deconstruction and Building Material reuse are vital parts of the developing built economy.
Brian Smith
Igor Starkov
Joe Connell

Architectural Design

  • Using Point Clouds and Virtual Reality for Hospitality Design
  • Building Smart MEP Systems with Algorithms
  • Reaching New Heights: Mass Timber Innovations
  • Current Trends in Modular Construction
John Abowd
Sean Fruin
Maria Laguarda-Mallo, PhD
Troy Tiddens

BIM Topics

  • Automating BIM Management
  • BIM Transforming Operations and Maintenance - Case Studies of How BIM in Construction impacts Operations
  • Results of An AEC Supply Chain Optimization Study: Supporting A PrefaBIM Process
Sean Fruin
George Broadbent
John Cribbs

Additive Construction

  • Incorporation BIM in 3D Printing of Concrete
  • Challenging Constructions with Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing - Mortars for Tomorrow's Buildings
Roberto Naboni
Maryam Hojati
Matthew Carli


  • Scan Everything
  • Integrated Transportation Agencies
  • BIG Infrastructure - Glen Canyon Dam Unified Intelligent Model
David Epps
David Winslow
Stan Burns

Construction Management Technologies

  • The Future of Construction and Technology
  • A-B-C: Artificial Intelligence, Building Information Modeling, and Computer Vision for Proactive Project Controls on Construction Sites
  • Modern IT Innovations: Changing the Conversation in Construction
Jeff Sample
Mani Golparvar
Kris Lengieza

Emerging Technologies

  • Integrated Energy and Microgrids
  • Increasing Project Value with Blockchains and Smart Contracts
  • Advancing Construction Prefabrication with 3D Laser Projection Technology
Michael Matthews
Noni Pittenger
Michael Roppelt

Structural Analysis

  • Application of 3D Laser Scanning in Structural Engineering: Trials and Triumphs
  • Structural Optimization of Buildings Using Structural Analysis Software Programming Interface
  • Making the Invisible Visible - Innovative Structure Monitoring Technologies to Validate and Visualize Buildings’ Structural Health at All Times
Kasra Ghahremani
Gonzalo Roberts
Jason Teetaert
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